(1993, Porto)

2011 - 2015  Plastic Arts Multimedia, FBAUP
2015 - 2017  Upholsterer apprentice
2015 - 2021  Photographer, AV Producer
2018  Resident Artist and volunteer @ Fixinart, GR
2017 - 2022  Painter and illustrator


I’m a multidisciplinary artist devoted to mural painting and illustration, combining different mediums. At the moment based in Porto, Portugal. The work is inspired by social interactions and connections, as well as the human body and inner experiences.

My work aims at keeping the focus in the result, but always considers every part of the process with love and care for it. The act of painting is also a lot about the energy put into it, so the intention on what I’m creating must be as clear as possible. It is storytelling and communication as well, so I’ll do my best to connect with the topic and bring light to it the best way. I see it as a sort of ritual that must be respected and done with dedication. That reflects in details such as the composition, the choice of colors, materials, placements and proportions, meanings, timings, textures and flows.  The feeling of a mural is much more than an image, is an experience you take your body on, where I have created something with my whole body for the sole contemplation of it by every entity that enters that same space. The energy flows the same way for other interventions in the space, paintings, or any other medium of creation. My wish is to tell stories, share emotions, create connections, celebrate, honor, and present something from you to the world through my work, either that being a business, a personal space, a public space, or other surfaces you desire or cherish. The intention is to share our messages to the world and make it a more beautiful and peaceful place.

I’ve been doing street art since 2017, and the first experiments started back in 2014. A fortunate education led me to experiment and develop many technical aspects of different artistic fields, that result in a more comfortable practice from small canvases and papers to big panels and walls, painting with spray paint, various plastic paints and also comfortable with watercolors, acrylics and inkpens. Ceramics, glasswork and analog photography are also in my skill set. Already designed album covers, illustrated books, organized a pop up street art gallery in the center of Porto, had individual and collective exhibitions from Greece to the Uk, most of them in Portugal, participated in many artistic markets and events, made partnerships with a few galleries, prepared and organized workshops, and always kept drawing and creating. I define my job as a mural and street artist, but this definition is more like a guideline –that is my love and focus, but my mind and heart are open.

I acknowledge my peculiar artistic path. Finished my BFA in Plastic Arts in 2015 and started working in my grandfather’s upholstery workshop, while also doing some freelance work in video and photography. In 2017 started to work more seriously on my work and started doing art markets, as well as working for consulting companies as an illustrator. In 2018 I lived and worked in Greece for the year, learning a bit more in many different areas, from illustration to photography, and even event management. Came back to Porto where I continued my practice as a painter, while having a full time job as a photographer in the fashion business. Two years in this adventure, had to have a surgery that made me rethink some of my life’s choices, my work as a painter was flourishing, I left the big fashion company and embarked on an entrepreneur mentorship program. Since 2021’s summer I’ve been learning and working as a full time freelance artist. My work lives mostly in our real and physical world, but you can find it also on social media. Feel welcome to contact me!