1993, Porto

2011 - 2015  Plastic Arts Multimedia, FBAUP
2015 - 2017  Upholsterer apprentice
2015 - 2021  Photographer, AV Producer
2018  Resident Artist and volunteer @ Fixinart, GR
2017 - 2024  Muralist and painter


I’m a multidisciplinary artist devoted to mural painting and illustration. The work is inspired by social interactions and connections, as well as the human body and visceral and vulnerable experiences. At the moment based in Porto, Portugal.

My work’s defined by intention. My murals are the creation and intervention in a space considering and dialoging with it. Working with space is very magnetizing and important to me. It’s through my body that i communicate and live space, and it’s through my mind that I create and see the possible interactions with it. With mural painting happens storytelling, emotions are shared, connections created, we celebrate and honor everything it presents and that led to that painting. Sometimes we need to ask difficult questions to get there. The world is made of complex dichotomies, but I try to keep it simple and make it a nice place for us to think and evolve in a richer way.

Started to do street art in 2017, and my first experiments around 2014. Working and experimenting with many techniques and mediums made me comfortable with either small canvases or big panels and walls. Ceramics, glasswork, upholstery, sewing, video, analog photography, etc, took an important role in my practice today.

Finished my BFA in Plastic Arts in 2015, and started working in my grandfather’s upholstery workshop, while also doing my first freelance works. In 2017 I started to dedicate more to my work and started participating in art markets, as well as accepting bigger works for companies as a painter and illustrator. In 2018 I lived and worked in Greece for the year, expanding my knowledge and experience in my area. Came back to Porto where I deepened my practice as a painter, while having a full time job as a photographer in the fashion business. Two years later, in the summer of 2021, I decided to leave my job and dedicate entirely to my work as an artist.

Art and the artist are inseparable, and at the same time two very distinct worlds. Saying they’re an inevitable separation or an unavoidable union is too limiting for who we are and what we are capable of creating.